We have different in-store concepts for offices, gyms, hotels, restaurants, events & shops. We want to make the world a better place and let everyone enjoy our healthy and delicious cold-pressed juices. All our juices are prepared with love, especially for you.


Would you like to create your own cold-pressed juice with your own ingredients? That is also possible at Dutch Juicery.

Contact us and we will make a customized proposal for you.



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We try to make this world a more beautiful place. For people. For animals. And for our dear planet. We try to make different, healthy and delicious products with a lot of love for you. 


We are green, as we do not waste residents: we make soup of our restants and we give residue to animals. 

Together with you, we can reach our goals. We can make this world a more better and more beautiful place. We can reach more people with our mission and delicious & healthy products. We have a lot of options for your company, together we can make it work. 


Let’s make something beautiful together! 

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Suitable for your business? 

School, Office, Shops, Catering, Events, Juice-car, Soup-bar, Sport Venue, To-go Shops, Gas Stations, Theater and many more... 

Business options 

- Lease “Dutch Juicery” fridge

- Flavours on request

- Glass or plastic bottles 

- Amount of milliliters on request 

- Make your own flavours 

- Private labeling

- Powershots

- Prices on request -